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You can learn this? 🤔

Obviously, any skill is learnable, nobody borns with skillset. But there are some skills which seem to be natural, some skills that are never taught in school and university, some skills which you never thought can be learned. For example, positive thinking, joking, etc. Would you think that this something teachable or learnable? When I say teachable, I mean some effective, systematic approach. And not random poking around for 10000 hours (Malcolm Gladwell style).

CSS architecture?

Have you heard the term “CSS architecture”? You can search the internet for it, for example, there is the article by Philip Walton. I understand it as a set of best practices to make you CSS scalable, e.g. some rules which allow you to write a lot of CSS before it becomes unmaintainable and collapses due to incidental complexity. Let’s step back for a moment. What is CSS? CSS is a declarative language for layout and painting engine.

CSS: bad parts

There is a famous book (at least it was some time ago), by the person who brought us JSON - JavaScript: good parts. It basically teaches which part of the languages are nice to use and won’t get you in a trouble. Book was published way before ES6 and recent goodness. It was helpfull at the time.

Code navigatability?

What is navigatability? I made up this word in the same manner as read-ability. If readability “is the ease with which a reader can understand a written text” (Wikipedia). Navigatability is the ease with which a reader can navigate a written text.

Code readbility metrics?

Let’s assume you need to build code-readability-meter. How would you do it? What is code readability? Readability is the ease with which a reader can understand a written text. – Wikipedia Readability is what makes some texts easier to read than others. – The Principles of Readability Many factors play into the readability of text. For example, contrast, font, choice of words and many more. (See: readability for natural languages)

Actor model vs Microservices

This idea happened recently to me: what if microservice is a reinvention of the wheel? What if microservices try to accomplish the same thing as actor model?

What is code?

Definition How we can define code (in sense of computer program, I’m not talking about encryption)? There is more than one answer.


Definition Definition of classification 1: the act or process of classifying 2a: systematic arrangement in groups or categories according to established criteria specifically : TAXONOMY 2b: CLASS, CATEGORY

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