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I’m a software developer interested in UX, a11y, type systems, performance.

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Lessons I learned at a startup

Course changes overnight Startups are looking for their business model. A startup can start with one idea but become mature wit different one, for example, youtube started as a dating site

What do you use to crosspost?

POSSE is an abbreviation for Publish (on your) Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere, a content publishing model that starts with posting content on your own domain first, then syndicating out copies to 3rd party services with permashortlinks back to the original on your site. – indieweb


Definition of philosophy (1) all learning exclusive of technical precepts and practical arts … – Merriam-Webster Philosophy is a very wide branch of human knowledge. There were times when philosophy was the only thing you can study. Later other studies start to split out of philosophy and become “independent” studies (sciences, other disciplines).


Definition as the system of meaning - we use symbols to communicate, to think, to store the information. Definition associate some symbol (word) with meaning (explained with other words, or conveyed by other means).

What is a Formal System?

Formal system A formal system is like a game in which tokens are manipulated according to rules in order to see what configurations can be obtained. Examples: chess, checkers, go, tic-tac-toe. Nonexamples: marbles, billiards, baseball. – What is a Formal System? A formal system consists of a language over some alphabet of symbols together with (axioms and) inference rules that distinguish some of the strings in the language as theorems.

How to create an ideal commenting system?

The first rule of the internet: Don’t read the comments. – Ralph Breaks the Internet First of all this is not a technological problem, the problem is sociological. People don’t follow the same patterns when they communicate online and offline when they talk to people who they know and people who they don’t know. Second part of the problem is that text is a poor medium for conversation. Comments are bad, Twitter is the worst - it is build to escalate miscommunication and hot-takes.

Systematic approach to the job search

So far whenever I searched for a new job it was quite a chaotic process. And it was ok-ish most of the time, but recently it becomes harder and harder to find a job, maybe my requirements rose, maybe I started to search in a different segment.

Programming urban legends

Lisp is a functional language Something called “Pure LISP” never existed — McCarthy (1978) records that LISP had assignment and goto before it had conditional expressions and recursion — it started as a version of FORTRAN I to which these latter were added. LISP was not based on the lambda calculus, despite using the word “LAMBDA” to denote functions. At the time he invented LISP, McCarthy was aware of (Church 1941) but had not studied it… …Unfortunately, this gives the wrong binding rules for free variables (dynamic instead of lexicographic).

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