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Parsing with derivatives

Based on: Theory of Computation (CS3102), Spring 2017, videos are here It’s Time for a New Old Language, 2017, talk by Guy L. Steele Jr. Parsing with Derivatives, 2011 by Matthew Might, David Darais, Daniel Spiewak, video.

Parser Combinators Timeline

In my first post I didn’t mention “parser combinators”. Parser combinator is the way to construct recursive descent parsers in functional programming using functions. Higher-order functions can be used to combine parsers, to represent sequencing, choice, and repetition.


What is accessibility? Definition of accessible 1a : capable of being reached a remote region accessible by rail also : being within reach fashions at accessible prices 2 : capable of being used or seen : available information that should be accessible to everyone 3 : capable of being understood or appreciated the author’s most accessible stories an accessible film 5 : easily used or accessed by people with disabilities : adapted for use by people with disabilities accessible bathrooms/doorways/seating/parking

Accidental complexity and closed source

Accidental complexity All software construction involves essential tasks, the fashioning of the complex conceptual structures that compose the abstract software entity, and accidental tasks, the representation of these abstract entities in programming languages and the mapping of these onto machine languages within space and speed constraints. Most of the big past gains in software productivity have come from removing artificial barriers that have made the accidental tasks inordinately hard, such as severe hardware constraints, awkward programming languages, lack of machine time.

What I miss in Markdown (and Hugo)

I like Markdown for its simplicity. Simplicity comes with limitations. There are some features that I miss in Markdown or it is possible to extend Markdown to support these cases, but there is no support from the Hugo side (static site generator I use).

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