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Traditions, Standards and Programmers

Traditions an inherited, established, or customary pattern of thought, action, or behavior (such as a religious practice or a social custom) – Merriam-Webster There are things which we do without questioning. Why we do it that way? Because this is how we’ve been taught to do things or this is how everybody else doing it. Those unformalized rules (traditions), as well can be called known unknowns or ideology.

Demystify Variables

For now our simple programming language (PL) have two operations (+, -), two types (number, symbol - at this point everything that is not number, for example a, b, +, -, etc.). The next feature we want to add is “variable”. What is variable? There are many sides to this question. So let’s start with the simplest point of view of what variable can be. The variable is temporary storage.

Bad, Bad Code!

I don’t like the concept of “bad code”. I thought: “Let’s ask people what they consider to be bad code”. I got some responses. (It’s hard to say this is a representative sample of opinions, but better than nothing.) Talking to people in comments of the first post helped me to crystallize my thoughts on what is bothering me in this idea.

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