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Parsing with derivatives

Based on: Theory of Computation (CS3102), Spring 2017, videos are here It’s Time for a New Old Language, 2017, talk by Guy L. Steele Jr. Parsing with Derivatives, 2011 by Matthew Might, David Darais, Daniel Spiewak, video.

Parser Combinators Timeline

In my first post I didn’t mention “parser combinators”. Parser combinator is the way to construct recursive descent parsers in functional programming using functions. Higher-order functions can be used to combine parsers, to represent sequencing, choice, and repetition.


What is accessibility? Definition of accessible 1a : capable of being reached a remote region accessible by rail also : being within reach fashions at accessible prices 2 : capable of being used or seen : available information that should be accessible to everyone 3 : capable of being understood or appreciated the author’s most accessible stories an accessible film 5 : easily used or accessed by people with disabilities : adapted for use by people with disabilities accessible bathrooms/doorways/seating/parking

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