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What is the worst advice for the newbie?

Today I was at the meetup for the newbies. (Again. After the previous time, I wrote Advice for the Newbie.) And this meetup inspired me to write this article. Use TextEdit I talked to one person who got the following advice: to learn CSS and HTML use TextEdit (or another plain text editor). Supposedly you will learn syntax this way faster. Adviser thinks that using modern code editor (like code or sublime) will make learning slower.

Type System FAQ

The post is inspired by this thread. People have so much misconception about types, use the wrong terminology and get to wrong conclusions. I’m not advocating static type system, my only concern let’s use right terminology so we can have a constructive discussion. I wrote this post spontaneously. I hope there are no errors, but ping me if you find something. Feel free to ask more questions. Let’s solve this once and for all.

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