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I’m a software developer interested in UX, a11y, type systems, performance.

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About learning

This is the collection of some ideas and my thoughts about learning, teaching, and knowledge in general. I wanted to separate this post into three parts, but all of them are interconnected so I guess this will be one long post. On the bright side, sections are small and there is no need to read them all or read them in a given order.

Advice for the Newbie

All the following advice applies to beginners in software development. If you’re already a seasoned developer I guess you can find your own way.

TypeScript: type vs interface

In one of my recent PRs I changed all interfaces to types because there were already more types than interfaces. In the review, I was asked to revert the change. I did it, but as well I wondered what the actual difference between interface and type. Let’s figure out this. I use the latest TS (v3.5.1) for examples in this post.

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