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Documentation generators

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There are several types of static site generators (SSG).

  • General purpose. For example:
    • Next.js
    • Gatsby
    • Nuxt
    • Astro
  • Blogs - they rather started as blogs, but slowly evolve into more general purpose. For example:
    • Hugo
    • Jekyll
  • Second brain, digital garden. For example:
    • Quartz
  • And documentation generators. This is the post about the last category

Generators #

This is not an exhaustive list

MkDocs + mkdocs-materialPythonAwesome list
StarlightJS, AstroStarlight plugins, Astro plugins
nextraJS, React, Next.js
vitepressJS, VueAwesome list
DocusaurusJs, ReactAwesome list
DoczJS, React, Gatsby

Themes #

Plus there are themes for other (general purpose) SSGs:

just-the-docsRuby, Jekyll
documentation-theme-jekyllRuby, Jekyll
hextraGo, Hugo
doksGo, Hugo, JS, Hyas
docsyGo, Hugo
hugo-bookGo, Hugo
theme-documentationGo, Hugo
11ty-docs-templateJS, 11ty

More themes:

Read more: Markdown parsers, Components for Web