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Why technologies go out of trend?

How to distinguish over-hyped technologies (which gonna die) from innovative technologies which gonna stay?

Yes, I know:

  • it is better to choose stabile technologies over trends
  • it is better to choose tools you know over trends
  • it is better to use tool appropriate for the task

But if the technology is popular (trendy) it means, there is big a community, which means easier to get support, a bigger number of community-driven libraries, a bigger number of vacancies, a bigger number of candidates to hire.

For example:

  • Do you remember CoffeeScript or facebook flow? On the other side, TypeScript is here to stay
  • Do you remember Adobe Flash (Flex)? Everybody use JS + HTML 5 now
  • Web components first was presented in 2011, yet doesn’t seem to be a mainstream technology. React was presented in 2015 and now it is everywhere (too much of it)

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